Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Storm // Elements Series

As I was working on the photos of this bracelet, I thought 'hey, it's pretty timely with the incessant rain & thunderstorms we've been having the past weeks' :)
Of course, I made mine with an added kick of magical aura by including snowflake, star & angel wings charms.
For beads, striking midnight blue beads alternating with cloudy grey chinese crystals (special effect added with a side of it having the *AB coat) which looks like flashes of lightning in a stormy sky! ;)

*AB effect: known as Aurora Borealis (AB), making the coated part reflective shiny
** Took an extra photo holding this piece up, click HERE to view it.

Midnight Blue Faceted Chinese Crystal
Frosted Grey AB Chinese Crystal Doughnut
Solid Star Charm
Solid Long Angel Wing Charm
Angel Wing Cut-Out Charm
Snowflake Charm
Elements Photo Charm


RM 36.00

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this is part 2/9 of the Elements series