Thursday, November 22, 2012

Conclusion // the Elements series

Finally we have wrapped up Elements, i hope you have enjoyed the rain clouds & rainbows :)
Much to love about each piece: 

the casualness of Over The Rainbow
darkness of Storm
cuteness of Puddles,
freshness of A New Leaf
colours of Downpour & Drizzle (which is why I made 2 versions!),
elegance of Vine.

Plus Teared & At Rainbow's End necklaces which are great for every occasion ;)

Speaking of necklaces, I made this quite a while ago but have lost the original photos, all I have left is this taken with phone:

Using the image from Part 1/9, matched with a sparrow & off white flower with a reference to Balloon.

Planning out series is a huge load of fun, definitely will be rolling out more of these ;)
for sneak peeks be sure to drop by my facebook page