Monday, June 10, 2013

Customization: Lee Zaa // Enchanted Series

Another blog post featuring matching set :)
While only the necklace has a photo charm, I find the corresponding bracelet very sweet so... have a look!

Awesome Pink necklace switched to copperish orange.
Butterfly cabochon & Swarovski heart made to match too.

Butterfly Cabochon
Padparadscha AB Swarovski Heart
Enchanted Photo Charm

A peach version of Wild Olive.
and a switch of charms :)

Matte Resin Bow
Matte Muted Light Brown Pink Pearl Bead
Peach Faux Pearl Bead
Redwood Faux Pearl Bead
Smoky Orange Red Gemstone Doughnut Chinese Crystal
Opal White Faceted Round Chinese Crystal
Light Peach Chinese Crystal Doughnut 
Light Peach Faceted Cube Chinese Crystal
Rose Peach Swarovski Bicone
Opal White Chinese Crystal Doughnut
Butterfly Stencil Charm
Ribbon Stencil Charm
Fluffy Angel Wing Charm
Ornate Leaf Charm