Monday, January 13, 2014

Swarovski Crystal Bracelet // Customize your colours!

Swarosvki crystals lining up the entire bracelet, a set specially made for Carole.
 While picking the shades for her pink theme, I fiddled around with other colours and in that very process,
it set off a thousand other possible colours combinations in my mind ;)
And now, this option is made available to you too!
4 pink shades were chosen for Carole-
Fuchsia, Rose Pink, Indian Pink, Light Rose. 
You can do rainbow, go single colour,
or even mix up some crazy concoction, your call!
just imagine the possibilities........

Here are the Swarovski Bicone colours I currently have in stock:
don't squint your eyes, click HERE for a bigger version,

All crystals in Carole's bracelet is made up of 6mm size.
As always, bracelet length is made according to your wrist, there is no standard lengths in Crafted By Mei :)

Swarovski Bicone
Butterfly Stencil Charm

Available (Made to Order)
Bracelet: RM 37.00
Earrings: RM 25.00

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