Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Customization: Norazli

Here are several pieces made for Norazli, a wonderful supporter of my works ;)
Scroll down and check out her many ideas!

I'm in love with the colours she has chosen here, it screams 'spring'!
Red, green, cream & pink- who knew it would blend so well ;)
Matching bracelet & necklace set, with the center of the bracelet sporting a flower cabochon hung off a ribbon link, in the style of Redwood.

Flower Cabochon
Red Textured Pearl Bead
Off White Textured Pearl Bead
Blood Red Glass Candy Bead
Light Peach Pink Glass Candy Bead
Pink-Yellow Mixed Glass Bead
Light Peach Swarovski Bicone
Lime Green Faceted Round Chinese Crystal
Smoky Orange Red Gemstone Doughnut Chinese Crystal
White Teardrop Pearl Bead
Floral Heart Charm
Ribbon Stencil Charm
Feather Charm
Solid Long Angel Wing Charm
Moon Star Charm

Experimenting with shades of green- mint, olive & turquoise.
Bracelet design inspiration: Shoes & Sunnies.

Flower Cabochon
Bronze Heart Locket
Blue Zircon Swarovski Bicone
Forest Green Faux Pearl Bead
Midnight Blue Chinese Crystal Long Bicone

Deep dark blue long necklace with a reference to Chantilly.

Flower Cabochon
Midnight Blue Faceted Round Chinese Crystal
Prussian Blue Faux Pearl Bead
Dark Grey Blue Faceted Round Chinese Crystal
Electric Blue Chinese Crystal Doughnut
Black AB Chinese Crystal Bicone
Smoky Cobalt Blue Gemstone Doughnut Chinese Crystal
Midnight Blue Acrylic Flat Disc Bead
Sapphire Swarovski Bicone
Mini Butterfly Links
Floral Link Cut-Out
Solid Heart Swirl Pendant

* at the point of writing this blog post, I have just received a new email from Norazli for 3 more custom pieces- involving turquoise ;) Sounds good & I'm excited to tackle them!

-------------------------edited on 10/4-------------------------