Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dahlia: Green

Hey, here's a special weekend treat! I just made these and couldn't wait to post them up :)

I'm not very sure if these flowers are dahlias or chrysanthemums, I think they bear a lil of resemblance to both. (Even after googling images, I still can't say for certain what it is, I'm absolutely a noobie when it comes to flowers!)

Flower Cabochon (Imported)
Light Green Glass Bead
Aquamarine Textured Pearl Bead
Matte Green Pearl Bead
Matte Melon Green Pearl Bead
Light Blue Tube Czech Glass (Imported)
Olive Green Round Czech Glass (Imported)
Green-Yellow Flat Czech Glass (Imported)
Made with Love Charm


RM 32.00

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