Thursday, April 22, 2010

Customization: Amanda Wong

This is Amanda's 2nd customized piece with me, this time she wanted an antiqued looking chunky bracelet, with charms hanging around.
She mentioned to pack it up with many many beads and we settled on brown & cream with some vintage-ish beads I have been keeping(from a long ago purchase I never used!) & thought these would look really pretty here! :)

Vintage Pattern Acrylic Bead (Imported)
Wood Bead (Imported)
Cream Textured Pearl Bead
Dark Brown Textured Pearl Bead
White Flat Round Shell Bead
Light Brown Faux Pearl Bead
Gold Heart Charm (Imported)
Key Charm
Bunch of Keys Charm (Imported)
LOVE Tag Charm (Imported)

no remakes available