Sunday, April 25, 2010


There's a mystical feel in this bracelet, the colours are in intriguing dark hues, with leaf charms spewed across the bracelet.
While I usually prefer bright & girly colors, I thought this is good for a change, something forest themed! :)

Sapphire Blue Textured Pearl Bead
Dark Grey Glass Nugget
Dark Grey Round Glass Bead
Matte Blue Pearl Bead
Light Green Cloisonne Bead
Turquoise Green Indian Glass Bead (Imported)
Leaf Charm


RM 35.00

Saturday, April 24, 2010


A simple bracelet with all focus zoomed in to the butterfly right in the center, topped off with a sweet chrysanthemum cabochon.
I love the overall simplicity of it, nothing too loud yet bound to catch some attention! :)

Flower Cabochon (Imported)
Butterfly Filigree

Remakes Available

RM 22.00

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*Edited 11/5/10: I made this in White & Turquoise too, click HERE :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Customization: Amanda Wong

This is Amanda's 2nd customized piece with me, this time she wanted an antiqued looking chunky bracelet, with charms hanging around.
She mentioned to pack it up with many many beads and we settled on brown & cream with some vintage-ish beads I have been keeping(from a long ago purchase I never used!) & thought these would look really pretty here! :)

Vintage Pattern Acrylic Bead (Imported)
Wood Bead (Imported)
Cream Textured Pearl Bead
Dark Brown Textured Pearl Bead
White Flat Round Shell Bead
Light Brown Faux Pearl Bead
Gold Heart Charm (Imported)
Key Charm
Bunch of Keys Charm (Imported)
LOVE Tag Charm (Imported)

no remakes available

Friday, April 16, 2010


Made these 2 pieces with a lovely flower cabochon hung in the center, I chose beads of various sorts to line the bracelet so at everywhere you turn, the bracelet looks different :)
The beauty of being asymmetrical yeah?

Juicy Lime

Flower Cabochon (Imported)
Lime Green Czech Glass Heart (Imported)
Green Round Czech Glass (Imported)
Matte Light Green Pearl Bead
Cloisonne Bead
Made With Love Charm
Flower Filigree (Imported)


RM 27.00


Purple Passion

Flower Cabochon (Imported)
Hot Pink Indian Glass Bead (Imported)
Orchid Textured Pearl Bead
Purple Faceted Round Bead
Purple Czech Glass Heart (Imported)
Hot Pink Czech Glass Cube (Imported)
Frosted Light Amethyst Oval Czech Glass (Imported)
Birdie Charm (Imported)


RM 29.00

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Butterfly Kisses

Butterflies truly reign in this piece! =)
A delightful blend of pink & purple, with some dark blue-greyish shells thrown in.
Packed with tiny beads, my fingers were sore after all the bending & twisting, but totally worth the effort I say! ;)


Grey Flat Disc Shell Bead
Orchid Textured Pearl Bead
Light Pink Round Glass Bead
Purple Faceted Round Bead
Metallic Hot Pink Faux Pearl Chips
Purple Mini Faux Pearl Bead
Hot Pink Mini Faux Pearl Bead
Butterfly Charm


RM 37.00

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Customization: Maria

A specially customized bracelet for Maria's 21st birthday.
She's interested in something that is blue, black or purple, nothing too cute or girly with reference to some of my past designs: EK's, Boom & Zest. So we incorporated lampwork glasses as seen in Zest, made it chunky (Boom) and added a chrysanthemum (EK's) !

Flower Cabochon (Imported)
Lampwork Bead
Cloisonne Bead
Black Faceted Round Bead
Purple Faceted Round Bead
Purple Czech Glass Bellflower
Purple Textured Pearl Bead
Sapphire Blue Textured Pearl Bead
Dark Blue Faux Pearl Bead
Matte Sapphire Blue Czech Glass Cube (Imported)
Matte Silver Pearl Bead
Key Charm

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I love this so much that I made a set of them!



I love the idea of sticking a piece of flower filigree to the cabochon, gives it a cool Victorian edge :)
That's not all, I picked out the various accompanying beads one by one, scrutinized carefully to see if it matches with what I had in mind & finally came up with this!
A piece I really really adore, seriously!

[N] Flower Cabochon (Imported)
[N] Flower Filigree (Imported)
[N] Purple Cat's Eye Bead
[N] Purple Textured Pearl Bead
[N] Opal Pink Swarovski Bicone
Purple Swarovski Bicone
Plum Lucite Bead with Pattern (Imported)
Light Purple, Plum Faux Pearl Bead
Purple Swirl Disc Czech Glass (Imported)
Pink Round Cat's Eye Bead
Light Pink Glass Rondelle
Mini Flower Charm

*[N] denotes materials used in necklace as well

Necklace Measurement
Chain: 41.0 cm excluding 3.0 cm extender chain
Drop: 4.0 cm


RM 59.00/set
Bracelet only: RM 36.00
Necklace only: RM 27.00

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Friday, April 9, 2010


Double full length chains (more grungy looking that way!) holding up the wired heart pendant.
In the center of the heart hangs a lovely Fuchsia Red flower cabochon.

Flower Cabochon (Imported)
Wired Heart Pendant

Chain: approx. 80.0 cm
Drop: approx. 4.2 cm


RM 30.00

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Customization: Adilah

Here's what Adilah said in her mail to me "If I were to name the bracelet, I would probably name it... Sunshine perhaps? Since it's bright and yellow and all that"

Adilah mailed me for a bracelet similar to Flutterby whereby there's a butterfly right in the center. She mentioned bright colours like yellow & orange so I picked out the yellow daisies with some maroon beads to match the brass base. Also she loves the clay flowers in Flutterby so I added in little daisies made of clay to complement the bracelet.

Brass Butterfly Filigree
Yellow Daisy Shell Bead
Faceted Opalite Bead
Matte Yellow Pearl Bead
Dark Maroon Faceted Round Bead
Orange Shell Cube
Bright Yellow Oval Czech Glass (Imported)
Flower Clay Bead