Friday, July 29, 2011

Customization: Syad

A bracelet, necklace & an anklet all for Syad.

Syad likes purple / dark violet, a classy colour as she calls it, I totally agree! :)
Simple asymmetrical design, beads connected with daisy links & minimal charms.

Anklet that works as a bracelet at the same time.
(She hooks on to the extra extender chain when worn as an anklet)
Bird charms on one side and shoes on the other, not of a particular theme that I know of, but then again that's the charm of charm bracelets, it's always very personal to the wearer :)

Following the concept of Twigs but with the cutest lovebird pendant ever.
Butterfly charm dangling mid way down the chain for that quirky touch ;)

Thank you Syad! :)