Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hearts Attached

 Hearts are better off when they come in two, so here's a Hearts Attached bracelet & necklace set!

 Fused together, i am drawn to how thick and sturdy this is, 
mirroring the ideal state when 2 hearts come together eh?  ;)

Twisted chain to hold it tight, 
 ending with little heart links & rose pink crystals,
everything in this is lovey dovey  

Thick Twin Heart Pendant
Rose Pink Swarovski Bicone
Small Heart Link (in bracelet only)

Necklace Measurement
Chain: approx. 45.0 cm excluding 4.8 cm extender chain

Ready stock sold out, enquire for remakes

Bracelet: RM 31.00
Necklace: RM 23.00

Email me at craftedbymei@gmail.com !

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