Friday, October 4, 2013

Swan, Lovebirds & Rabbit Necklaces

I used to have this Swan necklace in store, but it's been sold out for a long while.
Now back in stock, in 3 colours :)
and as an added bonus, I found rabbit & lovebird too!

 Attached to the same lacey backing as used in Mylady,
complete with a cute ribbon charm on top :)

5 choices available:

 Blue Swan  Purple Swan  Pink Swan  Lovebirds  Rabbit

Resin Cabochon
Ribbon Stencil Charm

Necklace Measurement
Chain Length: approx. 50.0 cm excluding 4.8 cm extender chain
Drop: 3.4 cm

RM 26.00
Chain length can be extended to around 75.0 cm for RM 2 extra.

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